Branding Streams has over 25 year experience in sales, licensing, marketing, retail marketing, partner integration and media.  We have a fully scalable team to meet your needs!

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Janet Warwood has 15+ years experience in data management, analysis, supply chain and accounting systems integrations. Her impeccable people and coordination skills ensure business needs are met on time and on budget.


Karen Gagnon is a proven Consumer Goods sales, marketing and licensing executive representing best-in-class brands in the marketplace. Karen brings a high degree of passion and urgency to her work.  Her ability to establish strong working relationships while also maintaining a keen attention to detail and ownership of the bottom line empower her to generate new product launches & keep many plates spinning at any one time. Her facility across functional areas of expertise is highly valuable.

Jodi Jahnke is an experienced Marketing and Sales professional with 10+ years in the consumer goods industry. Her wealth of experience includes licensing, innovation, project management, brand strategy, market research, marketing communications and digital marketing.